Weakness PoliticsEffect.

All institution working is effecting by weak political party system.Even the verdict of judges been discuss openly in print and electronic media.Even in democratic countries judges are not allowed reading any news at all they are always Alofe from public.But due to weak political institution the law implementation finish so all institution become weak law and order weak evision of texes and law 9implementation institution standing law less.This mean political weakness spoiled.Whole society corrupt every body looting institution mafias are earning and given respect.Local bodies public elected according to society way of liveing all elected suitable personility be invisticate about ninty nine persent are belonging to mafia gangster becaue public are the same when they will work same mafiaism.


Law maker houses

Democratic countries always have a constitution and law maker house discus the constitution.Law maker look weaknesses along wth old verdicts useless oldversion.Tey shoud

Respect for politician.

As in politics many respectfull big name are still alive with respectfull and honourable their work.Although political institution in weak stage and struggling stage in Pakistan but political institution defamed by print and electronic media.Yet big name still Alive to safe the fame.One of that kind of politician is RazRubaini the chairman of Respectfull house Saint who have played brave and honourable role in politics to fame political institution by his hounarable experince runing political institution with gracefully manner and fame the house with long experience of history of political institution.Hope his work is great work to strong the political institution.Which mean all institution will be strong more Judicery implementation of law implementation institution and all will work according to rule of law and according to Constitution of Pakistan.As an ordernery person my views are this type to give fame to political institution be strong.

Politics and political parties.

Politics in my view is postive role of society not the role to get rule by negative tactics.It farm and educate moral values of postive mindset of people.A good politician always first table postive role with postive character in front of public to rule the farm of Government.His own character of positive role of postive mindset of life as postive role.Then his manifesto give brightness of his voice.But under development countries where governess.political working.Political party are workings cording to manfesto as human loving.In Pakistan register parties are not working due to registration of three hindered registers toon dueweak goverence by concrning department.But this.

Too much Registeration

Registration of political political parties too much political parties give vision that people have weak vision.More no law to strong the political institution.Always when Election commission work getting application must be seen their member study and home work with proper work.Not only internal election but their gone up and what is their status Must check.Our in Pakistan political instituation at by day weak.Mafia groups came to rule to weak government institution.All parties be band to telling lie Election are always not realiable.So my opinion only ten political parties to be chosen and their own election commission and they must to be responsible.and punish.