Politics and political parties.

Politics in my view is postive role of society not the role to get rule by negative tactics.It farm and educate moral values of postive mindset of people.A good politician always first table postive role with postive character in front of public to rule the farm of Government.His own character of positive role of postive mindset of life as postive role.Then his manifesto give brightness of his voice.But under development countries where governess.political working.Political party are workings cording to manfesto as human loving.In Pakistan register parties are not working due to registration of three hindered registers toon dueweak goverence by concrning department.But this.


One thought on “Politics and political parties.

  1. When politics conververted into mafia groups these groups harm full to society and groups harm the goverence all government institution failure including judicery administration.All law enforcement forces failure to implement law and order.So street crimes provoke ordernery people looted in streets by mafias but goverence is weak.

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