True Politics and Lie Politics.

True is nature lesson for human living on earth.True politics form give peace and farm society with wellfare state government the country give good goverenec.But lie politic played with laws of human rights and give bad goverenec for peoples.Give unrest society.

So in true politics government play role for human rights giving good medical health to all human living on earth.Make the fair institutions for people’s.But False politics and give thelie function institutions in all walk of life and political parties play lie delivering education so their infulance in public hatefull.So when farm government face false infulance and political institutions get day by day and all govern institutions weak implementation.



Politics make society with fair mean.When ever guided with lie propaganda black the society with lie neverlast for ever.Political rights deliver with truth remain alive and democratic parties prevail to deliver true sense of wellfare state.When politician hit by lie propoganda then society disturbed by character.In Pakistan Ppp is a political party established fifty years but not allowed to work properly for the people and tothe people faceing too much negative propoganda.It deliver human right and work for wellfare state but always face negative propoganda.PPP scrifice it leaders life like Baneezer bibi saheed and Zulfiqar Ali.Both were known internationally.ButAlas lost by Pakistan.One give the democratic constitution the other offer her life for implementation of constitution to farm wellfare state.Now a days Mr Asif Ali Zardari the ex civilian President of Pakistan faceing black propoganda to stop the strugle for people.Alas He belong to well known family.Old bussiness and landlord but negative propoganda spread blacking ticket in his own cinema.That big building and cinema when building was only five years of age and he belong to good political family Hakim Ali Zardari.He seen money from birthday but cases planted in court about stolen money from Pakistan.What a foolish propoganda to stop from politics.Politics need scrifice and he is scrificeing life to implementation of constitution and farm well fare state of Pakistan according to constitution made by PPP.Mr.Asif Ali Zardari proved himself great politician and work to establish PPP after Bibi shaheed and give respect becoming elected President of Pakistan.He work to name for PPP.But Alas faceing propoganda which have no true roots at all.InshaAllahPPP Stand up again under his intelligent son Mr.Bilwal Bhutto Zardari and strong the political institutions.And deliver politics with true education.Politics is not the name to get rules only but deliver democratic politics.Deliver and strugle for welfare state

Strugle of politics

Political institutions to be matured when political parties strugle for democratic and wellfare state according to constitution of country.In Pakistan PPP is party who strugle for political institutions and scrifice her leaders life in strugle of politics for the last fourty years and educate the people a farm of democracey.Many time get the rule to farm a strong political institutions but face too much hurdles.Faceing fake media trials and even trial in courts but strugle is going on political fourams and delivering people rights and educating the people for democracey and wellfare state.By time passing get leaders now younger leader Mr Bilawal Bhuto strugling with young power to deliver the human rights and democracey to farm a wellfare state Pakistan.He has good education from motherstrugle Bibi shred and his father great politician Mr Asif Ali Zardari Ex civilian President of Pakistan.Who face too much fake trial by fake media and fake court trial while strugling for political institutions and get strong fame in politics as great politician.