System of my country stand on status kudos game Snake.Not democracey not diplomacy but only farming berocratickingdom leaving all chatter of farming World order.Our country working mostly for seventy years to win vaccant land too much for experiment to conquer the vacant land.The country which remain for twenty years with confused constitution.When genious people get on one line and stand up to one line to make constitution and make unimously constitution again Confusion created and country remain in Confusion for next forty years.The implementation confused by all institutions depend upon compromise and so called d iplomacey on public.Truth politics converted into Lie Politics and so called d iplomacey Lie Politics spread in every walk of life to run the country.Still Sad playing.It effect society life and Lie is Status simble in public called Awam.Not Awam but ajoom only selfish gathering at all level of life.Just cook Alwa sweet and waiting for big dangerous happing. Political institutions crushed and experience old parties crushed to born leader ship.This is because international known leadership hanged and killed on Roads.More over defameing the character of International known leaders in world.So how this ajum slection leaders.So they slection mafia groups warlords.We the ajum selfish character in every walk of life.

Nationlism made in the whole working not by force that is built by strong political institution.By force educating give Lie politics and selfish society created as We have.When there Lie politics solgan of Corruption take fake and empty space where the society of selfish ajum only.Ajum being educated Liepolitics with empty solgans and weak the political institutions. Alas……Alas……..Sad.


Political Institutions.

Political Institutions are the back bone of contry.Constitution of country play role when the political institutions are strong.Political institutions play the role to farm political parties and respect each political party.The main step to stand is the Election onhole part of country.Mostly making free election give education education.Manipulation in election give rise mafia groups.

Moral values.

For a peaceful society having truth in every walk of life.Governence stand on truth.People of every walk of life stand on truth give religion of permanent religion of society.Then society is peacefull society to live on earth.Lie is curse to live on earth become desaster on earth and create uneven society and ignore the all way to implement laws and never get established government.Therefore Government never be a wellfare state.Public living never get human rights.