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Yellow media role.

Media work is to earn rating with respect and Truth exposing.Truth writing give respect and sincere earning.Truth rating always name in history.Mostly in Pakistan too much channels are working and getting too much earning.Daily base Talk shows.But Alas spoiling the society because discussion of politics and politicine character only.This is because of weak political institutions.Media role is to educate politics to society politics of Truth.Media should educate voting responsibility of voters.Their duty to strike public about voter power and force politicine to educate Truth politics in society.Farm political parties to educate Truth politics and democracey.Yellow media always spread Lie Politics to defame politicins with Lie stories without any back ground as their base on Lie.Lie is Big Sin to spoil society.People become more involved in this and multiply four time spread by yellow media.Many politicine were defamed.Defame politicine mean defaming democracey.Suppose a big and old political party deliver strugle to farm constitution of country and want to pick country on real track of democracey.Her two leaders were well known internationally.Bothoffer life scrifices for strugle of humanrights and democracey.Their image was defamed by yellow media.Suppose like AsifAli Zardari ExPresidentelected how yellow media defame his personality.After death of Baneezer sheheed Bibi he played role of politicine but he face too much trial because of their role in politics.Yesterday speach left him a senior polticine and senior parliamentarian.

Azadare Hussain.

Azadare Hussain remember the most sad event of Islamic history of Karbala Great Scrifice of SarkareImmamHussain for Islam.Azadare Hussain recall and mourn in two month of Islamic month.They pay tribute to ImmameHussain and recall the mouraning events and perform the sadness in their daily life.This is done in whole world.There are many Azdari performance in Pakistan.Azadar spent whole life and scrifices theirs personal life leaveing their personal life and devote life for Azadri ImmamHassain.Here in Punjab Most important and spritual personality AghaSardar AliJAN BADSHAHI.He offered his whole life as Azadare Hussain leaveing all activities of his family life and render his services to spread AzadariHussain in remote areas of Punjab for sixty years.Traveling remote areas when transport fascilities were too much short but he was ready to give his duty for mission of Azadare Hussain.He travels toShrine of SarkareImmamHussain to pay loving tribute to ImmameHussain.His life end with love of ImmamHassain and AzadariHussain. MAYALLAHBLESS HIS SOUL IN HEAVEN UNDER SARDAREJANAt ImmamHussain.

ShirineOfAghaManwar Badshah.

Shirinehistroy.As in past the migration takes part and family due wars shifted to other places.Insubcontinent due war of different empire people are shifted.War between English empire and the empire resist like Sikh ruler and tribes combined resistance against British conqueror the living families were disturbed and shifted in subcontinent including Afghanistan.Many tribes were scattered.Mostly from frontier province when Sikh and Muslim tribe resist the British army many migrations taken place and scattered in different places.One of the story is Agha Manwar Badshah from Dera Ismail khan Nawabeen because his mother belong to that Nawabeen.His father wasGulBadshah a fighter against British Army with Sikh forces as many Muslim tribe defend the Land and when defeated gone to Afghanistan to get shelter and due to Pustoolanguage and Persian language Agha GulBadshah settle in Kabul and get too much respect there also.AghaManwar Badshah was giving shelter by his mother.But the crual order of Britsh king Agha GulBadshah and other Muslim tribes face trials even their children name for trial so Agha Manwar Badshah send to Punjab for hide in child hood.He settle at remote area of pinddankhan Jhelum area more then one fifty years back a very small place DudipaperaPinddad.He stay there up to his death and ShirineOfAghaManwar Badshah.One of his grand son Agha Mustaq Hussain a spritualfigure well respect in that area.May Allah Bless him long life with good health.People get dua for long time.