Politcal warand MediaRating.

Again mafia type political war started since 1975.This demage the political institution.Politics of mafiaism not the real politics without chracter.With out theme and without Respect.By this kind of so called mafia politics from basic to Law making houses.Demage good goverencemaking all institutions without any strong strong institution.All field of implementation Law become mafia and destroying Revenue rather looting Revinew of government by puplic help.Public or voters are also involve in this theft degrading respect world vide Nagative moral values prevailing in whole society.Lie spread in society as habit and positive moral gone to hell by all.I remeber now adays negative rule.See hospital a place help innocent.Judicery is providing justice via advocate with huge money.Day by day Law maker houses looking student without class rooms.Politics become Eleet class rule like.kingship.But that king are rule by king maker print media and electronic media their target for weak institution politics for rating.


One thought on “Politcal warand MediaRating.

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