History always alive on truth.History never run on path self motive and self made ideas of writing lie and projection without any proofs.Truth history remain when attractive by heart of people in generations.Proofs of struggles and scrifices for truth on right path.Many person strugle for people rights and their strugle hide by forces and rule by kingdom and dictatorship.When truth history written their strugle and scrifices apeal to generation and make hero of nation.Some time it take hundreds years but by truth investigation make the peronality Alive in generation.Many examples truth personality Alive and rule the heart of human.Those personalities hanged in his age some were murdered by intrigues.Some one poison.But History when written those personalities Remain hero of that nation.They remain hero in generations.

Reality of politics.

In my sixty five years age.I experience that in my country politically parties system is very much weak.When politically system weak the weak institution give bad goverence and administration system is very much weak to deliver welfare state.It is rule of kingdom and mafias.Old age King is one man rule but our country rule is grouped with kingdom families to control the public.Their mindset divide the public and make the public to sleep.See dreams and recalls the day when cast votes.Voting system so much compromised even politically sleep but see dreams to be ruler.When eyes open dreams of welfare state siting in graves.

Hard in politics.

When political education delivered with compromises and half heart not sincerely the implementation for welfare state not be done.That country never be democratic country.Then all institutions working on weak platform.Then ruling mechanical not be achieved.

Lie Politics.

Politics is a subject to educate people to farm society with good moral values.Truth is basic rule to make the peacefull society.Lie guns are to spread fighting in society.Spreads killing spread Law breaker rather to buy laws by unlawful money and rule the society with Lie guns and made society full of crimes by their unlawfully weapons all this is mafiaism not the politicine.This type of mafias never want to implementation of constitution.More the society get Lie guns to spread Lie in all walk of life.